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Tritium Gadget Mug!

So, I am sitting in my dark underground lair, messing with my multirotor drone automatons, when I realize that I need something appropriate to pour my daily dose of caffeine into. Well you know, something glowy, cyberpunky and unique...

So here it is, the first ever Tritium Gadget Mug! Handmade by the amazing artist, Laura C. Hewitt and ''augmented'' by myself. Stoneware with five embedded 2mmx12mm tritium vials (four ice-blue and one green). I have two of these unique mugs. Large mug: 7 1/2"/19cm tall, 3 1/2"/9cm diameter, 18oz/530ml capacity Small mug: 6 1/4"/16cm tall, 3 1/2/9cm diameter, 16oz/475ml capacity Very limited availability!

An awesome collaboration:

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