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This is a listing for one 3d printed, 925 solid silver, Tritium pendant, with one already installed Tritium vial (3mm x 23mm).
The vial will be sealed with resin and will not be removable.
Brightest color is green (100%), followed by ice-blue, white and yellow (80%). Next is blue (60%), pink and orange (40%). Red is the weakest at 20%.
A 50cm long, 925 silver-plated chain (as pictured) will be included with the pendant as a gift.

Size 37mm x 6mm, Weight 4gr.

Tritium (symbol T or 3H, also known as hydrogen-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and one of the most valuable substances on earth, with a market price of 30.000$ per gram.
The Tritium vials used are light sources of gaseous tritium isotope, hermetically sealed in glass.
This radioactive tritium gas glows completely on its own, in a very safe manner, without needing to be 'charged' with light as required by most phosphorescent glow in the dark products. The glow will be subtle and visible in low-light conditions; the darker the better. It will not be visible in daylight or well-lit areas. The light produced is literally ''on'' at all times, it's intensity isn't reduced after a few hours and will last non-stop for about 20 years. This is truly a ''nuclear powered'' pendant!

These pendants can be worn 24/7 but since the vials are made of glass, care is advised to avoid shocks that may damage them. Do not expose in situations such as diving, dropping them in hard surfaces, extreme temperatures etc.

All my silver items come with a certificate of authenticity.

Worldwide international shipping, signed-for. Delivery takes 1-5 weeks (1-2 weeks for Europe/ 2-5 weeks rest of the world).

Tritium ''Lightsaber'' Pendant - Silver Edition

Tritium vial color
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