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"The Luminous Craft" delves into the intriguing world of product design using tritium vials. This e-book serves as an in-depth guide for both beginners and seasoned designers interested in incorporating tritium vials into unique creations such as gadgets, jewelry and other self-luminous products. From the basics of understanding tritium’s properties to advanced design and production techniques, the e-book covers all aspects necessary to master this luminous craft.

Structured to walk readers through the entire creative process, the book provides practical advice, innovative design principles, and case studies highlighting both successes and challenges faced by designers. It also addresses crucial safety protocols and regulatory compliance to ensure that creations not only dazzle but are also safe and market-ready.

Whether you are a hobbyist looking to experiment with tritium for personal projects or an entrepreneur aiming to start a business around tritium-incorporated products, "The Luminous Craft" offers a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and practical steps to help you achieve your design and production goals. This e-book is your comprehensive resource for transforming the subtle glow of tritium into stunning and functional art.


80+ pages




Chapter 1: Understanding Tritium
Chapter 2: Design Principles with Tritium
Chapter 3: Practical product design
Chapter 4: Designing with A.I. tools + CASE STUDY
Chapter 5: Prototyping and Manufacturing
Chapter 6: 3D Printing for Tritium designs
Chapter 7: Incorporating Tritium vials to jewelry with precious gems
Chapter 8: Starting a business
Chapter 9: Secrets of the Luminous Craft + TIPS AND TRICKS
Epilogue: Illuminating the Future

The Luminous Craft: Product Design and Manufacturing with Tritium

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