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Introducing my first coin design, the "Ad Astra Per Aspera."


As an avid fan of science fiction, science, and astronautics as well as a proponent of space exploration, I always wanted to create a coin dedicated to these themes for daily inspiration. I decided to add a twist by incorporating one of my favorite design mediums, tritium. The coin features an indentation to be filled with a tritium vial, glow-in-the-dark resin or other materials (the coin can be purchased with no filling, to apply your own).


The coin has two detailed sides, each with unique anaglyph 3d designs and inscriptions, as shown in the pictures and video of the listing.

Side 1:
Design: A detailed depiction of an astronaut in a spacesuit standing prominently.
Background: Features a lunar or Martian habitat and futuristic city buildings.
These phrases from the poem "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley convey themes of self-determination and resilience.

Side 2:
Design: A large, detailed rocket launching and pointing upwards, set against a celestial background. There is an 3mm deep indentation, right below the rocket, where luminescent materials will be installed.
Background: A vivid depiction of our solar system with the sun and planets.
Top: "AD ASTRA PER ASPERA," a Latin phrase meaning "To the stars through hardships," signifying the journey through difficulties to achieve great things.
Left Side: The year "2024," indicating the year of minting.
Right Side: A small inscription of the brand, "BYINNOVODESIGN.COM"
The overall design of the coin reflects themes of exploration, determination, and the pioneering spirit of space travel.


The coin is quite chunky. It has a diameter of 4 cm, width of 4mm (6mm max with the anaglyphs) and a weight of 32gr. Made with zinc alloy material and UV painted. Will be shipped in a vinyl coin envelope.

Limited stock, only 100 pieces made!


Available options are: 
a) coin with no fill 
b) coin with one 6mm x 2mm tritium vial (Ice-Blue at 80% glow, Green at 100% or Orange at 20%) 
c) coin with glow-in-the-dark resin filling (orange color with green glow)


In case you are wondering about Tritium. Tritium (symbol T or 3H, also known as hydrogen-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and one of the most valuable substances on earth, with a market price of 30.000$ per gram.
The Tritium vials used are light sources of gaseous tritium isotope, hermetically sealed in glass.
This radioactive tritium gas, glows completely on its own in a very safe manner, without needing to be 'charged' with light as required by most phosphorescent glow in the dark products. The glow will be subtle and visible in low-light conditions; the darker the better. It will not be visible in daylight or well-lit areas. The light produced is literally ''on'' at all times, it's intensity isn't reduced after a few hours and will last non-stop for about 20 years. This is truly a ''nuclear powered'' gadget!


Worldwide international shipping, signed-for. Delivery takes 1-5 weeks (1-2 weeks for Europe/ 2-5 weeks rest of the world).

''Ad Astra Per Aspera'' coin

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