This is a listing for a 3d printed, stainless steel, tritium container with three already inserted tritium vials (blue, green and yellow -or white- / 3mm x 22.5mm).
It can be used as a keychain accessory (finding your keys in the dark) or as a pendant.
The vials are resin glued from the insertion holes at the bottom and not meant to be removable.

Size 34mm x 9mm, Weight 9gr.

Tritium (symbol T or 3H, also known as hydrogen-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and one of the most valuable substances on earth, with a market price of 30.000$ per gram.
The Tritium vials used are light sources of gaseous tritium isotope, hermetically sealed in glass.
This radioactive tritium gas glows completely on its own, in a very safe manner, without needing to be 'charged' with light as required by most phosphorescent glow in the dark products.The glow will be subtle and visible in low-light conditions; the darker the better. It will not be visible in daylight or well-lit areas. The light produced is literally ''on'' at all times, it's intensity isn't reduced after a few hours and will last non-stop for about 20 years. This is truly a ''nuclear powered'' gadget!

Worldwide international shipping, signed-for. Delivery takes 1-5 weeks (1-2 weeks for Europe/ 2-5 weeks rest of the world).

Tritium ''Triglow'' lantern