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This is a listing for the 3d printable file* of a cellphone holder, add-on gadget, for the Logitech G513 keyboard.
This holder can only be used by mounting it on the G513 keyboard's HTC Vive Tracker port (a project which never materialised) with the M6 screw. There is no other way to mount this holder to the G513 keyboard.


This is the 'Enthusiast' version of this holder. The files you are purchasing are:

  • Hinged holder, with an adjustable angle.
  • M6 screw
  • M6 screw (longer).
  • M6 spacer.
  • Screw-on port cover.



- The holder allows the cellphone to be charged in place. Use one of the alternate screw holes to mount the holder if the screw gets in the way of your charging cable. Same applies when using your headphones.

- The holder is hinged, so you can adjust the angle when docking into the port. Use the different length screws and the spacer, to reach the desired angle. 


When 3d printing this file, the holder should be printed on its side, with supports, for better results.

Print at 0.2 mm height and 20% infill (or more, as desired). Any filament brand and material should do just fine.


There is also the 'Standard' (free) version of this design, which you can download here.


*Only purchase if you have a 3D printer or access to a 3D printer. This is a non-physical product. 

G513 Keyboard Cellphone Holder - Enthusiast version

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